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Hybrid Full Set

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Classic Cat Eye Full Set 

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Classic Full Set 

Flat classic lashes for a fuller look.

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Classic Full Set

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the lash girl

Natural.   Chic.   Everyday 

Classic Full Set

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Classic Full Set

Gorgeous Class Full Set In a Cat Eye Style 

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 An Esthetician 10+ yr Lash Artist 5+ yr (Borboleta Certified) Worked with a plastic surgeon many years ago & loved it but when lash extensions arrived they stole my heart. 

 Self care matters & lashes are addictive. It’s amazing how such a simple thing can save us so much time, boost our confidence & give our eyes a little sparkle.  ❤️❤️


🦋 The lash girl specializes in a natural full extension look. If you have never had lash extensions before and worried they will look overdone, your at the right place! Everyone is  welcome. The service is relaxing & most fall asleep, snoring is allowed. 

🦋 A Classic Full Set is a perfect mascara but better place to start, Hybrid is a mix of two different lash styles Classic (natural) and Volume fans (Soft & add extra fluff) Still natural & shows up but not fake looking.  

🦋 Now if you really love a little more drama or prefer super full go with volume.  

🦋 With each set  there is a variety of options we can do. Different lengths and curls that suits your eye shape and lifestyle. It’s not a one size fits all or cookie cutter service.  

🦋 As a lash artist I am able to create a gorgeous conservative set to something more dramatic. We aren’t boxed in.  Every client has a different preference. Most of my clients love a natural look, I believe your vibe attracts your tribe. However if you love volume fullness I have that as well.  

 🦋 I invest in quality lashes & adhesive that is for sensitive eyes. Brands I work with: Sugarlash Pro, Lash Makers, Lashbox LA, Borboleta. Lash extension adhesive I use is from Lash Makers Pure Bond. 

🦋 As a licensed esthetician 10+ years, lash artist 5+ I am certified with Borboleta. I have previous experience working with a plastic surgeon (which I loved) but once I discovered lashes they stole my heart. ❤️